Automate Your Workflow.

BSM solutions provide your organization with Driver and Vehicle Workflow Management solutions. Start automating your processes from in-field to back office operations so your employees can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working on the stuff that really matters – improving operational efficiencies and realizing greater profitability.

Key Features

Hours of Service Compliance

Automating your driver log system allows you to take control of Hours of Service (HOS) compliance both on the road and in the office while minimizing your exposure to risk. Adopting an automated HOS system gives you the necessary tools & visibility to make proactive fleet management decisions.

  • Reduce log error and violation breaches
  • Real-time access to driver logs
  • Reduce HOS training time
  • Permit faster roadside inspections
  • Reduce administrative time and costs
Vehicle Maintenance

Simplify the task of assigning and managing a large number of Services across a broad array of vehicles and fleets and get automatic notifications for pending and due services.

  • Get real-time vehicle data such as vehicle odometer
  • Assign services to a broad array of vehicles and fleets
  • Know when to bring in your vehicles by setting automatic notifications for pending and due services based on odometer, engine hours, or time intervals
  • Update all services; view upcoming and historical maintenance activities
Driver Performance Monitoring

Reward good driver performance and identify those drivers that require additional training. Get real-time driver and vehicle data so you can:

Monitor and report driver and vehicle performance indicators – speeding, idling, MPG, harsh braking, extreme acceleration and assign points for performance
Receive real-time alerts when fleet performance is below corporate standards
Follow up by scheduling additional training for those drivers

Back Office System Integrations

Leverage your back office systems by adding value to your investments with real-time location, vehicle, asset, and in-field data.

Integrate our real-time asset data with a partner’s value-added application.
BSM’s Enterprise Integration feature allows us to leverage simple protocols, such as FTP, HTTP (SOAP/XML), or raw Sockets where appropriate
Push or pull data into your Dispatch, Workforce Management, Routing, Accounting, Asset Management software, and more!

In-Field Mobility

Empower your in-field workforce with Sentinel Mobile. Sentinel Mobile connects your mobile workers to the company’s back office for seamless operations.

Not in the office? Supervisors can view their fleet and get real-time status updates of their crew from any mobile device.
2-way messaging between dispatch and drivers allows for real-time communication critical to your operations
Automated HOS reporting to ensure regulatory compliance
Provide route optimization to drivers via in-cab mobile data terminals or our Garmin integration.


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