Optimize Routes to Improve Daily Operations.

Efficient routing is the cornerstone of fleet organization. Analyze the trip your drivers have taken to optimize routes to repeated locations and optimize your fleet.

Key Features


Integrate with a personal navigation device and ensure your drivers are taking the most efficient route. Push information through the Garmin to communicate with your drivers and optimize their travel experience.

Driver Communication

Know who is driving each vehicle with driver sign in provisions. Increase communication between yourself, dispatch and the driver with text messaging benefits. Need a driver to go to a new site? Just send a message and the new address to the Garmin, once accepted the Garmin will automatically reroute your driver to the new location.

Investigate Instances

View your driver’s trip in real-time to make critical decisions on the fly or review and replay historical data to analyze and resolve any issues that may have occurred during the workday. Increase visibility and accountability among your employees.


Make dispatching seamless with the Sentinel FM solution. Know where all your vehicles are located in real-time and coordinate company operations. Have the ability to follow your drivers throughout the day and ensure all client needs are met.


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