Improving Fuel Maintenance with Sentinel FM

Our clients are proof! One of the greatest ROIs when implementing our Sentinel FM solution is the savings you will gain on your annual fuel maintenance spend. Our clients are improving fuel efficiency and vehicle performance, while reducing their carbon footprint. Also, with Sentinel FM’s Preventative Maintenance Module our clients are practicing proactive maintenance and keeping their vehicles on the road longer.

Key Features

Fuel Tracking
Sentinel FM hardware allows you to connect directly to your vehicles engine diagnostic port providing you with accurate odometer readings, fuel, idling, diagnostic trouble codes, and more! By monitoring fuel consumption per vehicle, you can compare your fuel consumption practices before and after implementing changes not only to each vehicle, but among your entire fleet.

  • Monitor Fuel Consumption and MPG Tracking
  • Identify which vehicles are consuming the most fuel
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
On average our clients have saved 10%-15% on their annual fuel spend!
Preventative Maintenance
Avoid Problems before they occur! Our Preventative Maintenance System comes standard with Sentinel FM – designed to simplify the task of assigning and managing a large number of Services across a broad array of vehicles and fleets.

  • No Limits! Create as many maintenance schedules as desired
  • Create maintenance schedules based upon engine-hours, odometer or time intervals
  • View upcoming and historical maintenance activities
  • Receive alerts in advance for up-coming service

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Accurate Data
Further enhance your Maintenance Program with a direct connection to the vehicle data-bus. Sentinel FM allows for communicaiton with OBDII and JBUS compatible Engine Diagnostic systems, transmitting real-time data from the vehicle.

  • Accurate fuel consumption with our patented methods
  • Precise odometer readings
  • Engine hours
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Driver Performance
Minimize your exposure to risk while improving fuel efficiency with good driver performance.

Good driving behaviour such as driving slower and less aggressively can save on a vehicles’ gas usage by up to 30%. Also, reducing your idle time can significantly improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

  • Receive real-time alerts for speeding, harsh acceleration and braking, and more
  • View and compare fleet, vehicle, and driver performance with our violations’ reports
  • Reward good driving behaviour and identify drivers that require additional training
Speed & Idle Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for almost any condition including speeding, idling, geozones and take immediate action to improve the safety, operational efficiency, and bottom line of your fleet.

Speeding: Speeding is always a top safety concern and also affects your fleet’s fuel economy.

Idling: highlight which vehicles have the highest idling times. Distinguish between good and bad idling; use your fuel for what it’s supposed to be used for!

One hour of idling time = 1 gallon of fuel & 80 miles of engine wear
The Idling reports allow the user to identify the total vehicle usage during the selected period, and highlight the total Idling time, Idling fuel, PTO time and PTO fuel used. This is an easy way to visualise ‘good’ idling versus ‘bad’ idling, and quantify fuel and time wasted.
Actionable Reports
Fuel Fraud
Sentinel FM has the unique ability to integrate with fuel card systems and can indicate all the collected parameters of the event. View full reports on your fuel transactions with detailed information.

fuel transactions

Track your fuel transactions and ensure gas is pumped into the assigned vehicle and eliminate fuel theft with real time alerts. Key data collected includes: vehicle identifier(s), location of fuel transaction, status of fuel transaction, and distance delta (between actual vehicle location and fuelling station).

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