Fleet Management: Live-Tracking Solutions, Real-Time Decisions

Know the status of your assets in real-time, as it happens, so you can make up to the minute informed decisions improving your daily operations and bottom line. A real-time tracking solution will give your company the tools it needs to improve efficiencies and gain a competitive edge like completing more jobs each day.

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Key Features

Real-Time Location
Gain visibility into the location and status of your vehicles, assets, and equipment. Our solutions are completely web-based, so you can access, monitor and control your fleet and assets from virtually anywhere in the world 24/7/365. Unlike some solutions, ours do not require any software to be installed, all you need is an internet-connected PC or mobile device, and a modern web browser. Our Sentinel FM solution supports Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browers on both the PC and Macintosh platforms. You can even access the mobile interface from your Tablet or Smartphone!
Real-Time Location
Live Status Updates
Knowing the locations of your assets is fundemental to any tracking system and in many cases the core solution for many tracking providers out there but for BSM, location is just the beginning of what we have to offer – sophisticated fleet tracking and management solutions. Choose from our different hardware platforms that allow you to monitor from two sensor inputs to over twenty sensor inputs per asset.

Monitor and get live status updates on:

  • Vehicle Status (moving, parked, idling)
  • Sensor Status (door open/close, crane up/down, etc.)
  • PTO
  • Ignition
  • Main Battery
  • Odometer
  • Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Fuel Consumption and More!

Looking to get the status of your remote gas and liquid tanks? Check out our iTrax solution!
Live Status Updates-Asset Tracking Live Status Updates-fleet Tracking

Interactive Mapping
Sentinel FM gives you a scalable, feature rich, easy-to-use mapping engine that delivers core and enhanced functionality in our software application. Our mapping engine allows us to deliver multiple map layers, including satellite, hybrid, client data layers, and alternative data views, all through your web browser.

Mapping Highlights:

  • No additional software to install or maintain
  • Users can choose from Standard, Satellite, Google or Street Map views
  • Full zoom capabilities
  • Displays Asset, Landmark and Geozone details
  • Optional LSD Maps for AB, BC, SK
  • Enhanced OilTrax data available with leased roads and well sites available
  • Client custom layers available
  • Search by street-address or intersection

Interactive Mapping-fleet-asset
streetview-fleet-asset satellite-fleet-asset

Monitor a Mixed Fleet
Managing a diverse mix of assets? Our flexible hardware solutions allow you to monitor your entire fleet – On and Off-road trucks, vehicles, construction equipment, generators, trailers, light stands, and other equipment all from one unified interface.

Our clients are proof – today we are monitoring over 35 different types of vehicles and equipment for one client alone!

Automated Alerts

Keep updated on real-time events in your fleet. Our highly configurable Sentinel FM application allows for a number of automated alerts. Get notified by email, text-message or inside your browser window, in real-time. These alerts can be triggered by business rules that can be easily pushed down to the individual vehicle or fleet level.


Types of Alerts:

  • Speeding
  • Geozone
  • Sensors/PTO
  • And More!
Landmarks & Geozones
Use Landmarks and Geozones to simplify reporting and monitoring of various assets and locations.
History Screen
Get online access to your historical data. Accurately record and re-create the activities of your fleet and assets: Historical records of your fleet activities available at a click of the mouse allow your operation to support regulatory compliance, verify service time adherence, resolve disputes, and support payroll calculation, amongst many other business values.
Actionable Reports

Visibility and Insight for better decision-making – Quickly take a snapshot of performance across many fleets. Get insight to key performance metrics: idle duration, stop duration, distance traveled, landmark activity, fuel consumption, driver performance, speeding and more. Easily choose a historical time period for a specific vehicle or an entire fleet.

  • Over 30 standard actionable reports
  • Summary and detailed reports for executives, management, and supervisors
  • Schedule reports in advance, deliver right to your inbox!


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