GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

Start with Location, Evolve with Your Business.

BSM Technologies’ solutions are designed to evolve with your business. We offer a wide range of features allowing us to tailor each solution to meet your business needs. From basic fleet tracking to complex third-party system integrations, we have the flexibility and tools to help you better manage your operations.

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Remotely monitor your fleet 24/7 with sophisticated GPS tracking and gain high visibility into your assets!


Fuel & Maintenance Costs

Monitor fuel consumption and implement a preventative maintenance program to keep your fleet running at an optimal level. Reduce costs using BSM’s fuel management solution.

Safety & Compliance

keep your employees’ safe, by following industry & government regulations. Our fleet management software helps you stay ahead.

Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine

Integrate BSM’s Sentinel technology with your vehicles’ on-board devices. Our compatible M2M solutions make integration easier.



View and analyze routes to improve route efficiency. Provide drivers with in-cab turn-by-turn directions. Optimize routes to improve daily operations.


Workflow Management

Leverage in-house systems and add value with real-time driver, vehicle and asset data. Utilize assets and automate your workflow.


Reduce Fuel Cost

Learn how our solutions can reduce fuel cost for you.


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