Invest With BSM Technologies and For A Greater ROI


The largest return when investing in a fleet tracking and telematics solution isn’t from basic tracking features but from working with the right solution provider to help meet your business goals.

Improving Asset Utilization

On average our Enterprise Clients save more than $1,000,000 by improving their asset utilization.
Gain insight into your fleet with our tools. Monitor and report on vehicle equipment and usage.

Knowing how well your vehicles and assets are being utilized can help your business make the right decisions regarding fleet right-sizing which can lead to significant savings.

Our actionable reports can help your organization make educated decisions on what actions to take to improve asset utilization such as:

  • Decreasing the number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Shift around current assets to offset business requirements
  • Leasing vehicles – staying within the confines of the lease


Cutting Fuel & Operational Costs

When getting more fuel-efficient vehicles isn’t always within budget, another way our clients are reducing fuel consumption and costs is with implementing our Sentinel FM Real-Time Tracking and Management solution. Not only cost-effective, but it can prove to be environmentally friendly too.


Top 5 ways our customers are using Sentinel FM to Reduce Fuel & Operational Costs:

  1. Fuel usage: Monitor fuel consumption, and compare your fuel consumption practices before and after implementing changes
  2. Driver Performance: Identify instances of speeding, harsh braking, and extreme acceleration, ultimately reducing fuel efficiency and creating unwanted wear and tear on your vehicles which can be very costly.
  3. Efficient route tracking: Determine the most efficient route for your drivers to help them accomplish their deliveries faster and more efficiently.
  4. Idling time: Gathering data on vehicle idling times, so you can determine how to limit idling times and consequently, reduce fuel consumption.
  5. Vehicle performance: Record engine and vehicle data and schedule automatic alerts for preventative maintenance to ensure that the vehicles are operating optimally.
Preventative Maintenance
Avoid Problems before they Occur! Our Preventative Maintenance System comes standard with Sentinel FM – designed to simplify the task of assigning and managing a large number of Services across a broad array of vehicles and fleets.

Being proactive about maintenance will help your company:

Reduce fuel consumption

Lower operational costs

Keep your vehicles on the road longer!

Superior Customer Service

Our clients gain a competitive advantage with Sentinel FM by:

  • Knowing the location and status of vehicles and assets in real-time
  • Ensuring on-time pick-up and delivery times
  • Notifying customers in advance of any potential delays
  • Effective dispatching: two-way communication between dispatch and driver
  • Complete one more job per day
  • Accurate Invoicing
Theft Recovery

Sentinel FM offers one of the leading asset recovery products on the market. These tools allow you to recover stolen vehicles and assets and identify misplacement of valuable equipment

  • Live Tracking: Get real-time location updates (as quick as every 10 seconds) to identify
  • your assets location
  • Breadcrumb Trail: View where your vehicle or asset has been
  • Vehicle Recovery Service: provide authorities the location of your vehicle and/or asset
  • within 30 feet for faster recovery your assets


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