Sentinel RI: A Quick-Install GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Location Smart Fleet Tracking System
Realtime fleet tracking

Real-time fleet tracking and trip history

Know the status of your assets in real-time, as it happens, so you can make up to the minute informed decisions improving your daily operations and bottom line. BSM stores your trips history information, letting you re-create any of your trips at any time, and for any date specified.

Improve driver and fleet safety

Improve driver and fleet safety

BSM provides fleet managers with all the tools necessary to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior. We store and analyze key events including speeding, seatbelt usage, harsh braking, sharp corner turns, over acceleration, and after-hours vehicle use. We make fleet and driver safety monitoring easy.

Reduce vehicle idling and cut cost

Reduce vehicle idling and cut cost

By monitoring and analyzing driving patterns you will get the tools you need to reduce idle time and cut fuel costs. GPS solutions can reduce idling by as much as 23 percent.

Reduce fleet maintenance cost !

Reduce fleet maintenance cost!

With BSM’s automated preventive maintenance processes keep your fleet running at its full potential, reduce downtime and minimize unexpected repair costs.

Increase fleet utilization

Increase fleet utilization

Improve your fleets productivity by monitoring and analyzing vehicle and driver performance. With real-time location tracking, inactive vehicles and machines can easily be identified and redeployed, maximizing capacity utilization and optimizing the workflow at the jobsite.

Increase customer service

Increase customer service

We enable fleet managers to identify the closest vehicle to a customer, assign a job to the driver and seamlessly route him straight there. Improve Dispatching with real-time location information. Analyze the trip your drivers have taken to optimize routes to repeated locations and optimize your fleet.

Standard & Custom Reporting

Standard & Custom Reporting

Over 30 easy to understand and useful reports and dashboards accessible on any device. Our team can help you develop custom reports and dashboards to meet your unique business needs.

Location based ECM data

Location based ECM data

Our GPS and telematics platform collects data directly from the vehicle ECM and integrates that information with satellite GPS readings. ECM diagnostics allows fleet managers to clearly see important vehicle data to improve fleet performance.

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Hours of Service Hours of Service

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Fleet Tracking Feature Comparison

Sentinel RI

  • Plug & Play
  • Real-time tracking
  • Driver behaviour
  • Geofences and landmarks
  • Driver congregation
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Scheduled reports

Sentinel RI Pro

  • RI + E
  • CM data
  • Engine trouble codes (DTC)
  • Driver scoring
  • Accident recreation
  • Advanced reports
  • Aggressive driving


  • Tamper proof install
  • Customizable PTO
  • Iridium satellite connection
  • Customizable Reports
  • Winter maintenance
  • Wired tablet tethering
  • API & SDK for integration

SFM 7K Wi-Fi

  •  Hours of Service options

  • SFM 7K +

  •  Event based camera options

  •  Wi-Fi Hotspot options

  •  Sentinel Drive App (For DVIR)

  •  Wireless tethering to mobile
8 Months Payback

8 Months Payback

We ensure quick ROI by saving fuel, increasing utilization, and improving compliance.

40% Reduction in Safety Violations

40% Reduction in Safety Violations

Our solutions make it easy to be DOT and FMCSA compliant. Our customers have experiecend 40-60 percent reduction in safety violation within 6 months of implementing our solutions.

The efficiency, performance, speed and accuracy of the BSM Telematics Security and Tracking solution has enabled Fastfrate to achieve its goals and objectives from our telematics initiative.

VP & CFO , Fastfrate