Sentinel Fleet Management

Simple, Yes. Basic, No.

Sentinel FM is a pioneer in real-time fleet & asset tracking and the most flexible solution on the market today. Ranging from simple to your most advanced enterprise solutions, Sentinel FM is tailored to fit your business needs.

Key Features

Fleet & Asset Tracking

Access your fleet from virtually anywhere 24/7/365 to gain visibility into the location and status of your vehicles, assets, and equipment. Supervisors working on the road can view their entire fleet from the Sentinel Mobile Interface.

Real-Time Location

Get up-to-the second live location and status updates so you can make critical real-time decisions. Need status updates more often from certain assets than others? No problem – our reporting frequency is completely configurable from every 10 seconds up to 15 minutes.

Live Equipment Status Updates

Get instant updates on equipment status on a variety of sensors such as:

  • PTO
  • Doors
  • Cranes
  • Lights
  • And More!

Mixed Fleets

Monitoring a mixed fleet? We have you covered – view all of your vehicles and assets from one platform. We have some clients monitoring over 35 different types of vehicles and assets all from Sentinel FM!


Get online access of your historical data for accurate recording and re-creation of your fleet and asset activities. Support your operations: regulatory compliance, verify service time adherence, resolve disputes, and support payroll calculation, amongst many other business values.

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Interactive Mapping

Sentinel FM gives you a scalable, feature rich, easy-to-use mapping engine that delivers core and enhanced functionality. Our mapping engine allows us to deliver multiple map views, including Roads, Satellite, Hybrid, Google, Street View, and alternative data views. We even have the flexibility to add custom client map data and layers.

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Landmarks & Geozones

Use the Landmarks and Geozones Tool to simplify reporting and monitoring of various assets and locations. Get real-time notifications when a specific vehicle or asset exits or enters a geozone. Users can create an unlimited number of Landmarks on the map and set geozones for specific assets.

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Real-Time Alerts

Keep updated on real-time events in your fleet. Our highly configurable Sentinel FM application allows for large number of automated alerts. Get notified by email, text-message or inside your browser window. These alerts can be triggered by business rules that can be easily pushed down to the individual vehicle or fleet level.


Types of Alerts:

  • Speeding
  • Geozone
  • Sensors/PTO
  • Tamper
  • And More!

Actionable Reports

Sentinel FM provides over 30 standard management reports. Get insight into key performance metrics like idle duration, stop duration, distance traveled, landmark activity, speeding, driver performance, and more! Schedule reports to be automatically delivered right to your inbox.

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Fuel & Maintenance

Improve Fuel Efficiency with Sentinel FM. Our clients are saving on average 10% – 15% on their annual spend by monitoring and setting benchmarks to reduce fuel consumption, speeding, idling time, and driver performance. Our Preventative Maintenance module comes standard with Sentinel FM and gives you the necessary tools to be proactive about your fleet maintenance so you can avoid costly repairs before they occur.

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Safety & Compliance

Sentinel FM gives you the tools to confidently support your remote workers, vehicles, and assets and quickly respond in emergency situations. We offer a variety of Panic options, real-time alerts, theft recovery, and much more to help you protect your most valuable assets.

Keep your drivers safe and remain compliant with our fully compliant Automated Hours-Of-Service (HOS) Solution with electronic driver logs, pre-trip inspections, automatic status changes and calculations.

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Machine to Machine

Our Sentinel FM solution was designed to integrate to 3rd party on-board devices providing our clients much added value and efficiencies in the field and back in the office. Whether you’re looking to improve dispatch and field communication with our Garmin integration or improve Driver Safety with our variety of panic options, our robust and flexible hardware is equipped with an RS232 port to support communication with external devices.

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Improve Dispatching with real-time location information. Analyze the trip your drivers have taken to optimize routes to repeated locations and optimize your fleet.

For low cost routing and dispatching, Sentinel FM is fully integrated to the Garmin Portable Navigation Device platform for two-way communication between driver and dispatch, and navigation providing turn-by-turn directions to your drivers.

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Workflow Management

Start automating your processes from in-field to back office operations so your employees can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time working on the stuff that really matters – improving operational efficiencies and realizing greater profitability. Sentinel FM provides Driver and Vehicle Workflow Management solutions including Hours of Service Compliance, In-Field Mobility, Back Office System Integrations, and much more!

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