Global Satellite Monitoring.

SecTrack’s web application provides you with easy, fast and secure access to your fleet of vehicle-based terminals, from any modern browser, without needing to install any software. From our web application you can view your entire fleet, zoom in to pinpoint precise vehicle location and status information, and plot individual vehicle tracking history on high quality maps.



Alerts and exception conditions are immediately brought to your attention with an alert display on every page of the site. You can also specify the SMS and email contacts to which you would like any incoming panic alerts and exception reports to be automatically forwarded.


Fleet Management

Customers can perform fleet management tasks including adding and removing terminals, moving terminals between fleets, configuring your vehicle-based terminal reporting intervals, and specifying exception thresholds including excess speed alarm threshold, and idle time.

You can extract your fleet and individual vehicle tracking history and status data to CSV format, for exporting to other databases and spreadsheets for reporting purposes, or in KML format suitable for viewing in third-party GIS applications including Google Earth (TM).

Mapping with Google Earth

SecTrack offers customers the ability to use Google Earth and link it to terminal reports. We now offer the following functionality with Google Earth:

  • GPS positions
  • Create user accounts, fleets, and name assets
  • Process alarms
  • View history
  • View departure and arrival of airplanes
  • Visualize altitude of airplanes


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