Keep Your Workers Safe.

Some industries require companies to operate in isolated regions or potentially hazardous environments. That is why BSM has developed and specially integrated with a series of safety devices. The Sentinel FM solution will help a company comply with government legislation and keep workers safe.

Monitor your lone workers with industry leading TPASS devices from Grace Industries and bring further safety to your workers. Sentinel FM solution provides true dual-mode satellite communication to complement cellular coverage and provide world-wide access in a cost effective manner.

Looking for light safety provisions for your fleet? Choose from a variety of panic buttons for instant notifications in Cellular or satellite only regions.

Key Features

Lone Worker Status
By integrating with industry leading TPASS & SuperCell devices from Grace Industries, our lone worker solutions bring an added layer of monitoring and safety to hazardous environments.
Suspect Activity Verification
In the event of a suspected activity, our ULC Monitoring Center will immediately work to verify its validity. We monitor lack of movement on the workers part or when they manually activate the alarm on their monitoring device.
Rapid Response
Once an panic situation is confirmed the appropriate stakeholders in your organization can be contacted as per your organizations procedures.
Seamless Dual-Mode Connectivity
BSM Wireless lone worker and panic solutions are designed to support both Iridium satellite and cellular data networks to ensure your devices are always online and reachable at all times, keeping your workers safe and connected when working in isolated or hazardous environments.
Ensure a safe working environment for remote staff and protect vehicles.
Pinpoint location of vehicles with accuracy even in the most remote of regions.
Enable communications through dual mode communication coverage and automatic switching across cellular and satellite.
Closely track and monitor personnel and vehicle assets in real time.
Improve messaging and communication with mobile data terminals.
Reliable reporting and analytics gives management a view into the status of your team and fleet.


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