Simplify HOS Reporting With Sentinel Drive!

Ensure Compliance and Safety with the Ease of A Mobile App.

We get it. Keeping up-to-date with the changing regulations for Hours of Service (HOS) is a challenge. Simplify tracking your hours with BSM’s mobile HOS solution, Sentinel Drive. A familiar interface for easier training combined with the accuracy and ease of a GPS tracking device to minimize errors and prevent damaging violations and fines. All while enabling you to make proactive fleet management decisions with enhanced features like real-time driver training, on-field status visibility and integration of customized rules for different industries. Experience the power of the best in class HOS app on the market.

Sentinel Drive provides full web-based reporting to help you make informed decisions based on infallible data. Accurately monitor your workforce to provide real-time driver coaching to create a workforce that is the envy of your industry. Easily resolve customer claims, address audits, and resolve discrepancies without any additional costs.

Reports available include:

  • HOS Dashboard
  • Driver Logs
  • Violations
  • Trip Inspection
  • IFTA Report

Key Features:

An HOS App For All Industries


We know how important HOS compliance and safety is to your business.That’s why we’ve made it our priority too.

Changing regulations across borders, nations, and even years makes it that much easier to incur penalties. So we’ve developed Sentinel Drive to help you stay informed of the changing regulations. All your drivers have to do is push a button. Sentinel Drive can even be customized rules pertaining to specific industries. So whether you’re trying to stay abreast of the air-radius rule in rail or tracking the hours your workers are logging on-site in construction, Sentinel Drive is the app for your compliance needs.

Automatic and Electronic Logging Modes


View of highway traffic through the windshield of the truck cab. Navigation is mounted on the dashboard.Sentinel Drive has two different tracking modes to fit the needs and operational requirements of every business.

In automatic mode, the driver status, inspection reports, routing information and work-flow management are automatically recorded and updated. Drivers simply sign-on at the start of their shift and Sentinel Drive takes care of the rest. As the day goes on, drivers are able to retrieve their automatically logged HOS hours, status, and cycles for inspection officers. They also have the ability to change logs and view remaining hours left. They (and you) have the ease-of-mind that changes in status and precious driving hours are not omitted or mislogged.

The electronic logging mode gives similar capabilities with the exception that drivers update their records and status manually.

Features of Sentinel Drive

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  • Avoid non-compliance on DVIRs using QR codes placed strategically around the vehicle.
  • Ensure DVIR incidents are addressed in a timely and prioritized order by adding pictures, video or voice recording for each inspection.
  • Gain operational efficiency by assigning vehicles to drivers per shift for the best insight into schedules and timetables.
  • Log the entirety of a worker’s shift on a single platform by tracking multiple vehicles for each driver.
  • Prevent compliance issues and fines to maintain a good CSA score.
  • Effectively manage driver hours, cycles, vehicle inspections, and routing to reduce inaccurate driver logs and administrative costs.
  • Keep drivers up-to-date with FMCSA regulations and ensure driver and vehicle safety.



Predictive-maintenanceNeglected or poorly performed inspections can prove to be very costly for you in the long-run.

While intentional negligence can bring non-compliance fines, a simple oversight can lead to an inconvenient breakdown that runs you high repair bills, expensive backlogs, and even damaging reviews.

Sentinel Drive makes it easy for your drivers to inspect their vehicles for each pre- and post-trip inspection. By ensuring a walk-around with strategically placed QR and bar codes, you can verify each inspection on every vehicle, for every trip. Furthermore, the ability to add photos, videos and even voice recordings makes it easier than ever for your drivers to report what they find – and for the back-office to send the necessary maintenance team in one try.

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