Fleet Diagnostic Solutions to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Fleet owners and operators are faced with unprecedented challenges today. A real-time fleet management solution customized to your specific business can help you gain a competitive advantage. Closely monitor your employees’ activities, enhance customer service, reduce costs and see a return on your fleet management return on investment with the use of the Sentinel FM.

Key Features

Reduce Maintance Costs

Operating a fleet can be costly for every size of fleet in every industry. City driving causes wear and tear on a vehicle for which a preventative maintenance program is invaluable.

View a full day of activity, from ignition-on to ignition-off and have complete visibility into your employees’ activities for payroll.

Go paperless and reduce manual errors, accurately pay your employees, and reduce fines associated with violation breaches.

Return on Investment

A GPS Tracking solution is an investment to manage the company fleet, but see a quick ROI by managing fuel consumption and implementing a preventative maintenance program.

Ensure your employees are optimizing their daily routes to frequent points of interest and client locations.

Receive real-time notifications for pending services, streamline your business operations, visit one more client and complete one more job per day!

Environmental Stewardship

Consumers are very conscientious of Environmentally Friendly Initiatives. Impress your clients and show them you use green technology for your company operations while helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

Give your clients the confidence that you consider green initiatives for all areas of the business and the services you provide will be the most environmentally friendly and economical choice.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Keep your assets on the road longer with the use of a preventative maintenance program. Receive real time alerts to manage your vehicle and assets’ maintenance plans.

Automatically receive alerts for pending repairs, view your malfunction indicator notifications and much more. Remotely view your diagnostic trouble codes and alert your mechanic before the vehicle arrives to the shop for a smooth and swift repair. Minimize downtime and implement a preventative maintenance program with the Sentinel FM Solution.

Enhance Customer Service

An organized fleet represents an organized company.Accurately notify your customers where your employees are and when they will arrive on site. Settle the client discrepancies with the Sentinel FM Reporting. You can verify your workers hours at a location.

Maintain a fully organized fleet, your clients will notice!

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Monitor your fuel consumption to compare vehicle and asset efficiency and minimize your fuel costs.

Gather idling information

  • Total idling hours
  • Average idling per asset.
  • Compare good idling vs. bad idling
  • PTO sensor inputs

Decrease your annual fuel spend on average by 15% by cutting down idling time, reduce speeding, optimizing your dispatching/routing, and more.


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