Telematics for Rail Networks

BSM Technologies offers a flexible, turnkey platform to provide key telematics for rail networks for all their asset management needs. Using geo-location in combination with data from various different sensors, we develop industry-leading solutions to keep rail the safest and most profitable means of freight transportation.

Through BSM’s suite of GPS tracking solutions, you can manage your locomotives, railcars, rail equipment, rail yard, hy-rail vehicles, and rubber tire vehicles on one suite of informational accessibility. Our in-house hardware gives you the ability to access, analyze, and control your assets from iOS, Android, and desktop devices at any time.

Providing telematics solutions for rail operators:

Telematic for rail

Suite of Solutions for Rail:

Rail & Hy-Rail Equipment Solution – Sentinel FM

Rail & Hy-Rail Equipment Solution – Sentinel FMBSM Technologies’ rail telematics solutions are one of the few designed for hyrail gear. That’s why 6 out of 7 Class I operators partner with BSM for real-time monitoring and tracking of their maintenance vehicles, track and signal-service trucks, wheel changers, rotary dump trucks, and railroad cranes. The high accuracy and precision delivered by our solution even enables cost-saving predictive maintenance.

BSM’s M2M hardware focuses on improving safety, compliance, utilization and accessibility through our dual-mode interface available on any device.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improve safety by monitoring harsh acceleration and braking. Always be assured of your employee’s safety by tracking use of seat-belts and minimizing risk-taking behaviours.
  • Increase asset utilization through visibility into fuel efficiency and consumption. BSM’s solutions give the ability to compare good vs. bad idle time and ensure optimized engine hours.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce costs by automating HOS (Driver Logs) and compliance with IFTA Trip Reporting


Find out more about our Hy-Rail Solutions with Sentinel FM!

Rail Yard Solution

Rail Yard Solution

Safety and efficiency are key elements of all transportation, but in rail they are paramount. BSM’s freight solutions employ the best-of-breed hardware technology to relay relevant data for impact prevention, hazardous materials safeguards, and man-down alerts on all your railcars.

All while providing the geo-location data you need to maintain optimal transit times. With BSM Wireless, manage your rail yards with efficiency while maintaining a safe and consistent environment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Measure impact, speed and shipment conditions – Temperature sensors with 1/10 accuracy ensure hazmat and food safety. Pressure sensors determine proper safety protocol while constant-impact monitors activate alarms during risky situations.
  • Real-time defect alerts and continuous movement updates reduce railcar maintenance expense. Verify repairs using our handbrake-position data and impact location details.
  • Hatch and door data sensors capture equipment tampering to significantly reduce fraud. The breadcrumb trail of a shipment provides full visibility on individual railcars at all times.
  • Unbiased routing and swift equipment-detection using geo-location data and geo-fencing alerts improve your equipment utilization. Get easy insight into cycle times to develop ideal operational procedures.
  • Improve customer service with accurate arrival times and checkpoints right into your customer’s service systems. Anticipate arrivals with geofence alerts, and have the delivery team dialed ready to receive.

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Railcar Solution – Solar Powered Tracking Unit (STU)

Railcar Solution – Solar Powered Tracking Unit (STU)

The Solar Powered Tracking Unit (STU) is widely known to the rail industry for its reliability and consistency in delivering data. The STU has customizable internal and external sensors to meet varying standards and regulations across industries. Crude by rail shipments present an ideal use of STUs for precise, timely, and seamless connectivity.

BSM Wireless is a trusted partner in hazardous material shipping for over ten years. Partner Lat-Lon specializes in sensors, yard status monitors, and moving asset tracking to assure safe and accurate freight rail deliveries.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prevent Incidents with thorough impact monitoring. The three-axis impact sensor samples 500 times per second for quick and clear insights. Data is graphed to present complete the picture.
  • HTUA (High Threat Urban Area) Data helps you meet hazardous materials requirements with customizable text and email alerts whenever your railcars enter an at-risk area.
  • Improve Cycle-Times, Off-Loading, and Connectivity with geo-location data accurate to two meters.
  • Utilize Maintenance Alarms to prevent maltreatment of the cars. Be informed when a railcar is moving with an engaged handbrake, elevated bearing temperatures, or with high derailment calculations.

Download our Railcar GPS Tracking and Monitoring brochure to learn more!

Locomotive Solution – Locomotive Monitoring Unit and AESS

Our solutions monitor all factors affecting your locomotives’ efficiency, productivity and maintenance. With real-time data feeds you gain instant visibility in one-man-crew safety, dark territory, and dump valve releases.

BSM’s rail customers operate economically and safely using our location-intelligence platform coupled with best of breed hardware designed specifically for the rail industry.

Features and Benefits – LMU

  • Fuel probe to cut back fuel costs. Fuel can be a significant factor determining your profit margins. Our solutions can minimize consumption and maximize efficiency.
  • Impact Detection Sensors report impacts in real-time. The three-axis sensor sends a data report including accelerations for each axis, changes in velocity, and impact run-time right to your mobile device.
  • Temperature sensors maintain the quality of sensitive loads that require precise temperatures. Alarm thresholds for up to 10 different settings can be created for updates to any mobile device, sending you notifications every time that the threshold is crossed.

Locomotive Start-Stop Solution – AESS

AESS offers the ability to remotely monitor and control your engines. Accessible by a password-secured internet connection, AESS can save you thousands in unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Control, monitor and remotely set boundaries to maintain ideal temperatures while reduce fuel idling. The solution has helped some customers save over $1750/wk
  • Create custom start/stop parameters based on customized criteria based on your operational needs.

The Locomotive GPS Monitoring System brochure has more information about our locomotive solution.

Rubber Tire Solutions – Sentinel FM

BSM offers an easy-to-use fleet vehicle management solution with a focus on improving safety, compliance, and utilization. Our device tracks vehicles, their usage, and driver behaviour. The dual-mode accessibility gives you visibility to your vehicles anytime, on any device.

BSM’s rubber tire solutions include in-cab cameras and a mobile HOS app built on our deep compliance and telematics expertise.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improve safety by monitoring speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking. Always be satisfied with your employee’s safety by ensuring use of seatbelt and in-cab camera monitoring.
  • Increase asset utilization through visibility into fuel efficiency and consumption, and the ability to compare good idle time vs bad idle time and ensure optimized of engine hours.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce costs through electronic HOS (Driver Logs) and compliance with IFTA Trip Reporting and Off Road Fuel Tax

Download our Rubber Tire Solutions brochure!

Reefer Solution

Reefer Solution

BSM Wireless’ reefer solutions are designed to be compatible with 90% of the refrigeration units serving the rail market, including Thermo King and Carrier. We understand your commitment to keeping your product fresh from farm to shelf. Our commitment is to provide easy-to-use, effective means to track and monitor your cargo anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time reports on container temperature to let you know your shipment’s quality at any given time. Build confidence in your service with the ability to guarantee consistent temperatures for the duration of the shipment.
  • Set out-of-range alarms and monitor real-time cargo location to know exactly when your cargo is being delayed by detour. The real-time alerts to your mobile device or email inbox will let you act immediately to rectify the situation.
  • Maintain cargo integrity through door-open alerts and impact monitors to deliver constancy and quality to your customers. Immediately know when the shipment has potentially been compromised so that you can proactively take steps to deliver your best service.
  • Manage track fuel levels, operating hours, and delivery statuses

Our Reefer Solutions Brochure has all the information you need!

Fuel Storage Tank Solutions - APEC

Fuel Storage Tank Solutions - APEC

BSM Wireless works with storage tank compliance industry leader JMM Global to offer the best fuel management solution for storage tank compliance.
The APEC solution gives you the ability to monitor automatic tank gauges, detect monthly releases, track incidents and number of occurrences, centralize facility asset operations, schedule compliance tests, and manage maintenance. With the convenience to access and analyze data for preventative actions, keep your facilities compliant and reduce risk.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time alarm monitoring system
  • Accurate data for release incidents with daily polling for regulatory compliance
  • Ability to track one-time and recurring events
  • Ability to centralize asset reports into one portal for the facility
  • Work order system to track multiple service providers
  • Available as a mobile app

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