GPS Asset Tracking Vital to Your Operations

Sentinel FM provides seamless communications for the Oil & Gas industry operating under some of the most remote and challenging regions. Confidently support your remote workers and assets and quickly respond in emergency situations. Gain real-time visibility, reduce downtimes, and increase work performance to help improve operational efficiencies.

Key Features

Seamless Visibility
Your workers are never out of reach with Sentinel FM.

Total Connectivity

Get seamless coverage by leveraging our dual-mode cellular and Iridium satellite communication device in the most cost effective manner.

LSD Mapping and Oiltrax Data

Switch between normal road, satellite, street view, and LSD maps. Add-on Oiltrax data for further visibility.

Field Automation and Mobility

Better manage your time on the road with our Garmin integration for in-cab navigation and two-way messaging from the field to your back office operations.

Meet Safety and Compliance
Meet the safety compliance requirements of the oil & gas industry while maintaining a safe, well monitored working environment for your team.

Driver Safety Compliance

Monitor and record in-field behavior by tracking driver hours, speed, acceleration and harsh braking. Identifying risky behaviors and areas requiring additional training.

Hours-of-Service (HOS)

Increase operational efficiency and revenue with our fully compliant HOS solution compatible with US and Canadian regulations and unique oilfield exemptions rules.

Explore our Automated HOS Solution.

Lone Worker Status

Comply with lone worker legislation by integrating with industry leading, automatic-panic devices from Grace Industries to keep your employees safe with reduced downtime.

Rest Assured with Emergency Response

Become instantly aware of suspected emergencies or panic events 24 hours a day via our ULC Approved Monitoring Center. Receive automated response to alarms from in-field workers.

Contact Management

Sentinel FM’s Panic Management system allows you to seamlessly manage multiple contacts and calling plans to ensure emergency notifications are directed to the right people.


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