State-of-the-Art Truck Tracking and Fleet Management

With increasing public demand for services, government agencies are faced with maintaining accountability of their vehicles, assets, and drivers while keeping employees and residents safe.
Sentinel FM’s tracking and telematics technology provides 24/7 intelligent assessment of resources, asset utilization, maintenance records, security requirements, and more. Get the visibility, accountability, and reliability you need with Sentinel FM to manage your department.

Keep Employees, Vehicles, and Residents Safe.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution for Fleet Management

Leverage real-time tools to gain visibility into your fleet.

Quickly Respond to Claims and Resident Inquiries

Electronic records are available 24 hours a day to support your operations.

Monitor Asset Utilization

Report vehicle & equipment usage through a variety of inputs and sensor connectivity options for various equipment such as PTOs, plows, boxes, light indicators and much more. Our flexible hardware solutions allow you to monitor up to 20 sensor inputs at a time!

Unauthorized Usage

Receive instant notifications to your inbox or smartphone for after hours usage and unauthorized movements.

Access Powerful Reporting

Choose from over 30+ Actionable Reports from track idling, start/stop times, trip details, driver performance, and more. Don’t have time to log into the system every day? Schedule key reports for automatic delivery right to your inbox.

Effective Dispatching

Dispatch the closest vehicle to a job or site and respond quickly to emergencies for improved operational efficiency.

Optimized Routing

Improve route efficiency by leveraging our routing tools and be able to view, analyze, and push efficient routes to drivers via in-cab MDTs and Garmin devices.


Take control of your fleet with our intuitive administration tools. Be able to assign vehicle names, create fleets, user accounts and customize alerts

GPS Fleet Tracking for Fuel and Maintenance Efficiency

Improve fuel efficiency and achieve optimal vehicle performance with Sentinel FM.

Fuel Efficiency

Decrease your annual fuel spend on average by 15% by cutting down idling time, optimizing your dispatching/routing, and monitoring behaviour in the field: track speed, extreme acceleration, and harsh braking identifying risk and which drivers need additional training.

Preventative Maintenance

Being proactive about service maintenance is easy with Sentinel FM’s Preventative Maintenance Module – assign and manage a large number of Services across a broad array of vehicles and fleets. Set up notification for impending “due” services. Practicing preventative maintenance will help your company reduce fuel consumption, lower operational costs, and keep your vehicles on the road longer!

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