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BSM’s asset management solutions give construction firms the necessary tools to improve their job site utilization using AEMP standardized data. By connecting all your assets (from yellow gear equipment to light stands and even generators) to one platform you can drive down operating costs, improve the efficiencies, and outpace your competition!

Job Site Utilization:

Right-size your fleet by identifying which assets are being used efficiently and which are draining money.  Instantly push maintenance alerts to the appropriate vendor to minimize down time.

Mixed Fleet Tracking:

Collect data from all your equipment, regardless of the OEM. Create custom reports and have 24/7 visibility into your all your assets even when not on-site.

AEMP Standards:

We’re the only company to offer AEMP standards so you can access the same data from your equipment for a comprehensive view of your jobsite.

Prevent Moonlighting and Theft

Maintain control over employee moonlighting and after-hours operations with real time alerts. Create multiple geo-fences to lock-down your property.


Through BSM Wireless’s vehicle management software, operators can monitor and track the performance of all on- and off-road equipment using AEMP compliant APIs in real-time 24 hours a day. Sentinel FM provides the visibility, accountability, and reliability required by the top construction firms to navigating an extremely competitive industry. View all on-and off-road vehicles in one unified interface using solar powered and battery operated telematics devices so you never lose coverage of both powered and non-powered assets.

With economic recovery, there’s a growing need for effective construction equipment management that allows full visibility into their vehicles, equipment, and yellow gear.

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Suite of Solutions for Construction:

Asset Management Solution

construction-asset-tracking-hosBSM assists in construction asset management to provide visibility into every equipment, trailer, and vehicle in your fleet.  Using Sentinel FM, operators can monitor and track the performance of every brand and model, using AEMP compliant APIs. This information helps reduce costs, improve equipment utilization, and safeguard employees and valuable non-powered assets.


  • Better utilization of assets to complete projects on time.
  • Efficient maintenance reporting for longer run-times.
  • Easier reporting through more than 50 predefined reports.
  • Location tracking to give 24-hour visibility into your entire fleet.
  • Theft recovery

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Fleet Tracking Solution

Fleet Tracking Solution

BSM’s fleet telematics provide a complete view of all rubber tire vehicles with an interactive mapping platform. With real-time visibility into your fleet you can increase utilization, reduce fuel costs and perform predictive maintenance.

Our fleet tracking solution can be used to monitor driver hours, increase driver safety, reduce idling and speeding, and optimize scheduling to reduce operational costs.


  • Various reports to give you the information you need
  • Customizable maintenance reporting
  • Monitor engine hours and run time
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Theft recovery

Want to learn how Sentinel FM can benefit your fleet? Click here for our free brochure!

Equipment Tracking Solution

Equipment Tracking Solution

Track and control all your equipment including yellow gear, light stands, generators and cranes. With the ability to remotely turn equipment on/off depending on job site conditions, you can save thousands on fuel costs. By measuring time spent on-site, total idling hours per site, on-road and off-road mileage and speed you will visibly gain operational efficiencies.  BSM’s solutions even give you the ability to automate state-by-state mileage for IFTA based filings.

Our unique solution uses solar powered and battery operated telematics devices so you never lose coverage.


  • Measure ROI per job site.
  • Compare job site performance
  • Better utilization of equipment
  • Continuous coverage, cellular and satellite
  • Low cost of connectivity with mesh network
  • Remotely start/stop equipment.
  • Prevent equipment tampering and theft.

Want to learn how Sentinel FM can benefit your fleet? Click here for our free brochure!

Compliance and Hours-of-Service

Compliance and Hours-of-Service

BSM’s compliance and Hours-of-Service (HOS) solution helps track driver behavior to prevent compliance associated fines  and maintaining a good CSA score. Limit dangerous driver behavior relating to speeding, harsh braking, harsh accelerating, cornering and idling. Additional specific regulations have been implemented for Air Radius Exemptions and Towing Features.


  • Reduced risk
  • Maintain a good CSA score
  • Real-time visibility of driver status in the field
  • Efficient routing
  • Reduced HOS training time
  • Improve highway safety
  • Automated inspections
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Hire the right drivers

Intrigued? Find out how you too can easily manage HOS.

Safety Solution

Safety Solution

Robust construction sites can be perilous, especially when projects are in remote locations. BSM provides construction worker safety solutions that rely on our best of breed dual-mode (cellular and satellite) hardware.  With dual-mode communication, your workers are always within reach. Solutions support operator and vehicle/equipment initiated messages for activating safety processes.
Sentinel FM ensures your operators are able to signal for help in case of an emergency with in-cab and wireless remote buttons.
When a worker is in need of help, a simple press of an instantly identify the lone worker and signal an alarm to the right person.


  • Instantly alert managers to pre-set violations for immediate coaching
  • Operator and vehicle/equipment initiated messages
  • Limit speeding at job sites
  • Seatbelt safety
  • Reverse safely
  • Locate and support workers in remote locations

Keep your workers safe with our first in-class Safety Solution.

Fuel Management Solution

Fuel Management Solution

BSM’s fuel management solution helps monitor your vehicles and assets to minimize annual fuel spend. Sentinel FM provides the ability to gather information on idling, speeding, and harsh braking, to gain real-time visibility into your fleet and operations. Compare good idling vs. bad idling with PTO sensor inputs and eliminate wasted fuel usage.
Reduce Idling: Sentinel FM provides real-time reporting to gather idling information including total idling hours fleet wide, and average idling per asset.


  • Reduce annual fuel spend by 15%
  • Eliminate unnecessary idling
  • Reduce harsh braking and acceleration
  • Prevent fuel fraud
  • Optimize dispatching and routing

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Storage Tank Compliance Solution


We offer a complete asset management solution for underground storage tank (UST) compliance management. APEC (Application Portal for Environmental Compliance) is a dynamic web-based and customizable reporting software that provides central hosting and re¬mote access capabilities. Providing you with reliable information back-up and secure server technology, we help increase efficiency for your facilities.
The APEC solution gives you the ability to monitor automatic tank gauges, detect monthly releases, track incidents and number of occurrences, centralize facility asset operations, schedule compliance tests, and manage maintenance. With the convenience to access and analyze data for preventative actions, keep your facilities compliant and reduce risk.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time alarm monitoring system
  • Accurate data for release incidents with daily polling for regulatory compliance
  • Ability to track one-time and recurring events
  • Ability to centralize asset reports into one portal for the facility
  • Work order system to track multiple service providers
  • Available as a mobile app

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