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Taking a Closer Look at the Construction Industry Emerging Trends

The construction sector is on a rebound from the recession of 2008. A steadily improving economy has positive implications for the sector as the FMI predicts that total construction put-in-place will grow 7% this year, a trend that is likely to continue into the near future. With nonresidential construction growing by 8.6% and the public [...]

Is Your Equipment Weighing you Down?

In the construction industry’s past, idling was often a necessary action on the part of drivers. Equipment was heavy, engines were slow to start up, and the cost of diesel fuel was nowhere near what it is today. Efficiency called for trucks to be on when not in productive use so that drivers could be [...]

Are Electronic Logging Devices for Better or for Worse?

The debate about the government mandated use of ELDs has been rampant. While some affected groups oppose it saying this type of ‘surveillance’ is overreaching, others are delighted at the prospect of bringing the trucking industry to a leveled field through accountability and remotely-accessible, untamperable data. The traditional method of filling out paper logs has [...]

Is Caffeine Making Your Drive Unsafe?

Contrary to popular opinion, safe driving is a shared responsibility – a value shared by all team members, from the man behind the wheel to the one behind the desk. Driver safety is a critical part of the Hours-of-Service rules enforced by the FMCSA for all fleet drivers. Though drivers tend to take it lightly, [...]

Quick Insight: Brake Safety Week

Today, 57% of the value of trade from Canada to the US is done by road, while 17% is by rail and 16% by pipeline. With trucking taking the lead, we see two symbolic events having occurred simultaneously, National Trucking Week took place September 7-12 and Brake Safety Week took place September 7-13. The purpose [...]
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Tech Solutions Taking Over Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry over the next two decades is expected to grow to 2.1 trillion dollars from the Canadian oil sands alone! The competition in the industry is causing a heightened need for companies within this sector to streamline their operational strategies using advanced software solutions. Regardless of the class of operations oil [...]
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Summer without a BBQ is like trucking without GPS!

Have you ever had a summer without a barbeque? We haven’t! The BSM Family got together this week for some great food and fun- with parallel barbeques taking place this week at our  Toronto, Laval and Edmonton offices! It is a very exciting time for us as we strengthen our BSM Family from our recent [...]
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Rail Freight Continues to Grow

Just recently in Omaha, Nebraska, Union Pacific Railroad announced a strong second-quarter. Net income increased by 17% to $1.29 billion. Jack Koraleski, Union Pacific chief executive officer, shares: “Union Pacific achieved record quarterly financial results, leveraging the strengths of our diverse franchise to handle strong demands in the face of challenging operating conditions. We were [...]
Advanced telematics and Winter Maintenance best practices

Advanced telematics for winter maintenance

Well attended Winter Maintenance Best Practices Session at APWA 2014 The APWA (American Public Works Association) Expo in Toronto August 17-20, was my first public works event. For me the highlight of the event  was the Winter Maintenance Best Practices seminar by Dominic Guthrie, John Paul Johnson and Warren Nicholishen from Toronto, Wellington, and Richmond Hill respectively. While I [...]
Quick Insights on rail, energy, trucking, and government sectors

Quick Insight: On Freight and the bleak Freight Transportation Services Index

CN starts a fleet integration program for agricultural product shippers: CN is prepared to accept up to 250 private cars to be integrated into CN’s fleet.  Shippers that enter the program will receive weekly allotments to order cars from the railroad's fleet for 25-car block shipments heading from CN-served loading locations in Western Canada to non-port [...]

Are FMCSA regulations mandating ELDs preventing drivers from getting hired?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) has mandated Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) on carriers to track driver workflows and driver behavior. Benefits of ELDs include driver safety, reduced accidents and an efficient way for carriers to manage their drivers, fleets and business objectives. ELD requirements are anticipated to be compiled into one system in the [...]

Fleet Management Tracking: Top 5 Myths You Never Knew

1. My Fleet Size is Too Small. One of the key benefits of implementing a Fleet Management Tracking solution is that it pays for itself quickly – typically in less than one year! Our clients range in size from five units to 1000+ units and typically see a return on fleet sizes of five or [...]

Fleet Tracking Canada: Finding a Solution for all 4 Seasons!

When looking into a Fleet tracking solution it is important to consider your environment to ensure the solution you go with is built to handle your daily operations. Whether your vehicles’ are plowing the streets in -40 C weather, doing lawn maintenance in the summer, or service deliveries all year round you need a rugged [...]
How can GPS help you?

Vehicle Asset Management: The 5 most common pain points

A Vehicle and Asset Management solution using GPS can help relieve your fleet management pain points. Sophisticated GPS solutions provide more than just track and trace functionality and it is often those additional factors that make purchasing a vehicle and Asset Management solution worthwhile. The following are the 5 most common pain points we hear [...]

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking!

Fleet operators and owners face significant challenges today with respect to visibility in how their fleet operates. GPS Fleet Tracking solutions are designed to ease some of the issues involved in operating a fleet. Customer service, safety of the vehicle and driver, utilization, and cost reduction often top the list of reasons to implement a [...]

6 Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption

In this age of diminishing resources, increased environmental awareness, and rising fuel prices, people are always looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption and costs, and improve their fuel efficiency while still maintaining their ability to operate and travel. When getting more fuel-efficient vehicles isn’t always within budget, another way you can reduce fuel consumption [...]

Eco Drivers: Contribute to Reduce On-Road Fuel Economy By 45%!

The best way to save on gas is by driving a fuel-efficient vehicle – but a lot of the time that is not an option, mainly because it’s just not in the budget to purchase new vehicles. Good news! There are other ways to save on gas – The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute [...]
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Passive vs. Real Time Fleet Tracking Devices: 5 Things to Consider

What is the difference between a Passive vs. Real Time Fleet Tracking Device for fleet management? What Is A Passive GPS Fleet Tracking Device? A Passive Tracking system is a reactive method of transmitting data rather than a proactive method. A passive tracking unit will collect data and store the information on the box, but [...]