Modern telematics bring a variety of sensors to provide many different benefits for all kind of fleet needs. Engine sensors can let you know when a vehicle is being over-used and should be brought in for servicing soon. (This gives you the time to arrange for a back-up so there is no compromise in productivity as you take care of you valuable assets).

Fuel idling can also be detected by modern telematics, with the top solutions even being able to differentiate the “good” idling from the “bad”. The real-time alerts allow you to coach your drivers into more economical and environmental habits that save you money.

More than track-and-trace.

Furthermore, the best telematics solutions cater to business needs by industry because they understand the priorities for each differ. A construction fleet’s concerns are drastically different from a rail fleet’s concerns – which in turn are nothing like what a government fleet is tackling. So check out the 6 unknown benefits of telematics that could help you improve the performance of your fleet!



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