A Trusted GPS Asset Tracking Provider For:

  • 6 out of 7 Class I railroads
  • Dozens of class II and III railroads
  • Over 200 enterprise rail shippers
  • The 3 largest ENR Top 400 Contractors
  • A handful of Fortune 500 companies from construction and oil & gas sectors

A leading player in the M2M industry since 1996, BSM continues to grow and has proven its sustainability in the GPS asset tracking and telematics industry. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) location-smart platform, Sentinel FM, is ideal for managing mobile and stationary assets vital to your organization. Covering a wide range of industries from construction and rail to tanks and even HOS, BSM is your committed partner assisting with all your fleet management solutions. Today our solutions are used to optimize and manage over 70,000 assets all across 40 countries by some of the largest rail and commercial fleet organizations in the world.

What Makes Us Standout? Our enterprise-focused solutions, robust capabilities, and customer-oriented culture.

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We excel at GPS fleet and asset management for enterprises

BSM Technologies is a true end-to-end solution provider.

By designing and manufacturing all facets of our solution, we’re able to provide our customers with the highest possible quality that meets US and Canadian regulations. What does this mean for our clients? Flexible GPS fleet management solutions are customized for your unique business needs. In fact, this is why BSM sees continued success in providing solutions for large enterprise clients.

Finally a fleet tracking solution tailored for your business!

We mold GPS and telematics data into customizable M2M Solutions

Some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies in rail and construction rely on our ability to mold geolocation data with M2M and IOT (Internet-of-Things) technology to gain visibility and control over key aspects of their commercial fleets.

We are building location smart platform for asset optimization

BSM’s Sentinel FM platform is a cloud solution built with a single purpose: be the best location smart platform for enterprise customers for optimizing their mobile and stationary assets. Mobile assets can include any road and rail transport vehicles. Stationary assets include anything from storage tanks (underground and overhead), and other equipment such as light stand, compressors, air lifts, and generators.

We are a strong team

A team that is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and most importantly ensuring our clients have the best possible experience every step of the way. The best way to describe the people at BSM comes directly from one of us.

At BSM Wireless Inc., our people are our single greatest asset. I truly feel that they are the industry’s best, and they are empowered to create opportunities for professional success. I’m proud to lead this team. Every day, they define excellence with everything they do.

Aly Rahemtulla
President & CEO

Learn more about our inspiring directors and management.

We are customer service focused

BSM has one of the largest in-house customer care team in the telematics industry. Our dedicated technical account managers are from commercial fleet management industry and therefore know your business and pain points. Support is offered 24/7/365 for all critical issues from the BSM call center. Our technical account managers are available during standard business hours to ensure your user experience exceeds your expectations in every facet from kick-off through to post implementation of your solution.

We help you keep pace with fleet management best practices

BSM customer care team provides full training so you can start leveraging your investment from day one. Our technology account managers keep up with industry best practices to integrate our solutions into your daily operations. BSM provides online group training sessions, as well training for different types of users – from management, administrators and operators to dispatchers and installers. Customers can schedule one of our many weekly training sessions with other BSM clients to learn from their unique experiences with the company.

We are market oriented

BSM is dedicated to being the best-of-breed telematics cloud platform in rail, construction, and oil & gas. Our focus ensures we have the right software and hardware solutions roadmap to keep pace with changing technology trends and industry environment. This dedicated market focus helps us deliver industry specific solutions that give you the competitive edge over your peers and ensure high ROI to your organization.


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