We excel at GPS fleet management for enterprises.

BSM Technologies is a true end-to-end solution provider.

By designing and manufacturing all facets of our solution, we’re able to provide our customers with the highest possible quality that meets US and Canadian regulations. What does this mean for our clients? Flexible GPS fleet management solutions are customized for your unique business needs. In fact, this is why BSM sees continued success in providing solutions for large enterprise clients.

Finally a fleet tracking solution tailored for your business!

ELD Compliance Mandate

Download our “Preparing for the FMCSA’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate.
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We Were There! Toronto 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games

When the Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games took Toronto by storm, BSM was there to coordinate the routes of 10,000 athletes throughout the GTA and Hamilton – an area of more than 5,300 square kilometers.

BSM’s dedicated team helped the Ministry of Transportation with scale and logistics so effortlessly, the whole world saw Toronto’s shining moment and Canada’s ticket to hosting even bigger events.

“Like any endeavour of this size, there were many challenges and difficulties, but you helped us overcome and support the City of Toronto, the GTHA and venues across the province in hosting one of the most successful Pan Am / Parapan Am Games ever.”

Stephen Erwin
Head of Intelligent Transportation Systems Program

Construction Equipment Management

Construction Equipment Management: Sentinel FM

Effective equipment management can make the difference between profit and loss. Given the prevalence of mixed fleets in the construction sector, gaining this visibility into all your assets is no easy task. Our premiere GPS tracking solution, Sentinel FM, gives full visibility into all your mobile and stationary assets including delivery vehicles and heavy equipment.

Sentinel FM is a web-based tool compatible with all equipment manufacturers so that all your assets are centralized in one database.

Construction-asset visibility

  • Accessible 24/7 on mobile or desktop.
  • Solar-powered and battery operated.
  • Multiple sensors for predictive maintenance.
  • Right-size your fleet for efficiency.

Through these features, Sentinel FM can track heavy equipment, vehicles, generators, cranes and liquid tanks for instant visibility from virtually anywhere. Never lose connectivity as you view all on-and off-road vehicles in one unified interface.

rail telematics

Rail Asset Management: Connected-Rail Cloud

Increase operational control and visibility into your rail yard using BSM’s rail-focused fleet telematics. Our single-access rail management system, Connected-Rail Cloud, offers solutions for locomotives, rail cars, rail equipment, rail yard, hy-rail vehicles, and rubber tire vehicles through one suite of informational accessibility.

BSM is the M2M platform chosen by all Class I rail operators in North America as well as:

  • 6 out of 7 Class I railway operators in North America
  • 32 Class II rail operators
  • Multiple Class III railway operators
  • 200+ enterprise rail shippers

With BSM’s Connected-Rail Cloud, you can optimize operations of all mobile and stationary assets in your rail network using our in-house hardware and multi-functional geo-location data.
Access, analyze, and control your assets from iOS, Android, and desktop devices anytime, anywhere.

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