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GPS Asset Tracking for Fleet and Freight Solutions

Designed to evolve with your business.

From robust fleet tracking to extensive HOS logging capabilities, our fleet and freight management software is compatible with every kind of construction and rail fleet. Working with some of the largest rail and commercial fleets, our flexibility and various tools are used by multi-national companies to manage over 70,000 assets in 40 countries.

BSM knows the game better than anyone else because we’ve been in it from the start.
From our inception in 1996, BSM Wireless has transitioned into a global asset tracking leader with proven sustainability.

Mobile Hours of Service

Mobile Hours of Service

Automatically log hours of service through a driver-friendly mobile app!

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GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Management

Construction Equipment Management: FM

Effective equipment management can make the difference between profit and loss. Given the prevalence of mixed fleets in the construction sector, gaining this visibility into all your assets is no easy task. Our premiere GPS tracking solution, Sentinel FM, gives full visibility into all your mobile and stationary assets including delivery vehicles and heavy equipment.

Sentinel FM is a web-based tool compatible with all equipment manufacturers so that all your assets are centralized in one database.

Construction-asset visibility

  • Accessible 24/7 on mobile or desktop.
  • Solar-powered and battery operated.
  • Multiple sensors for predictive maintenance.
  • Right-size your fleet for efficiency.

Through these features, Sentinel FM can track heavy equipment, vehicles, generators, cranes and liquid tanks for instant visibility from virtually anywhere. Never lose connectivity as you view all on-and off-road vehicles in one unified interface.

Telematics for Rail Networks

rail telematics

Rail Asset Management: Connected-Rail Cloud

Increase operational control and visibility into your rail yard using BSM’s rail-focused fleet telematics. Our single-access rail management system, Connected-Rail Cloud, offers solutions for locomotives, rail cars, rail equipment, rail yard, hy-rail vehicles, and rubber tire vehicles through one suite of informational accessibility.

BSM is the M2M platform chosen by all Class I rail operators in North America as well as:

  • All class I railway operators in North America
  • 32 Class II rail operators
  • Multiple Class III railway operators
  • 200+ enterprise rail shippers

With BSM’s Connected-Rail Cloud, you can optimize operations of all mobile and stationary assets in your rail network using our in-house hardware and multi-functional geo-location data.
Access, analyze, and control your assets from iOS, Android, and desktop devices anytime, anywhere.

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